It’s no secret that innovations and technologies are currently leading the way for a better future and at Beyond Technovation we have ensured to grow tentacles to tackle different sections and be part of different industries currently leading the way in technologies.

Software Engineering

From data analysts to data scientists and engineers, our team are continuously creating new technologies using the latest languages, infrastructures, and frameworks, including machine learning and AI technologies.


Connectivity has become an essential part of our daily lives, and that’s where we come in, developing and building IoT across multiple sectors and industries for various needs and requirements.

Technology Design

We have it all, from circuit designs to drones concepts to prototypes, ranging from medical devices to flight simulators, design, and assist in building prototypes for all with creative ideas and out of the box concepts.

  • Building and creating new technologies using the latest software engineering tools and mechanics to facilitate our progress and allow us to build the unimaginable
  • Working on creating diabetic measurement devices linked directly to your phone and associated with an app where users are able to track real-time their sugar level and be able to extract reports and share them with health consultants. Our uniquely crafted device is directly connected to the phone without the need for the old-fashioned way of capturing sugar levels. We are shifting even the most essential needs into digital as this is the way for a brighter and more efficient future
  • Virtual realities are another field which we are much focused on, and that is to create simulations using the latest VR technologies and tools so as to offer our clients an alternative to reality
  • Drones have been around for a decade now, however transportation drones are the current focus for many mega companies and we are entering the race by creating different purposes for drones, from firefighting drones, to delivery drones, emergency drones, and entertainment drones. You name it, we have it.

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Should you have your own concept and require us to help with the prototype, you could always reach us and we will guarantee that your ideas are seen in real life and not just on paper.