Have you ever thought about the possibility of exploring the universe while you’re on Earth?

Now more than ever, with all the space explorations and Mars plans, it has become essential to enable humans to experience first-hand what it’s like to be in a spaceship, to explore our vast universe, to discover new planets and solar systems, and to take part of the inevitable future of cosmology.

YOUNIVERSE is an earthly simulation which offers this unique journey into the cosmos, giving you an unforgettable and mind opening experience which is aimed at making everyone more familiar with space and with our galaxy.

Youniverse is a space simulation experience where space travel can be experienced in a life-life environment without risks or resources required for the actual journey. Time will be sped up (obviously) to avoid having people in the simulation space shuttle for hours because that would result in a shortage of food in the case time was absolute.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people learn about space and to provide to the public a breath-taking real-life simulation platform.

Our target audience is the general public, along with space enthusiasts, which governs the need to have accurate data and hard facts about different parts of the solar system embedded into the simulation experience, and that can be achieved by taking advantage of NASA’s open API, which is made available for application developers who wish to leverage NASA data in their application.